Wedding Highlight Sakthi & Sugeeta

Salam 1 malaysia

We are now present to you The Gold Melting+Solemnization Of Sakthi & Sugeeta ^_^
We would like to acknowledge to our client Sakthi & Sugeeta for trusting us to be part of the most precious day of your lives.Thank you everyone,especially Sugee and Sakthi families.! This is such nice,fun and breathtaking experienced for us!!Our first Indian wedding shoot.
1 more to go,can’t wait to edit their wedding reception montage 🙂

Photographer: CreativeClicks (Darren,Bernard & Sze)
Videographer: Faizi, Yanti, Munir
Video edited by: me! Yanti :p

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  1. wow…sangat2 menarik kerja tangan yg sungguh menarik hati..korang memang the BEST lahh… tahniah… teruskan usaha..

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