Pre-Wedding video only Rm500 !

Hi everyone, we are happy to announce our special promotion! Grab this opportunity Pre Wedding Video only for Rm500!

ok,here’s the sample of prewedding video~
Location: Port Dickson
Videographer: Us
Model : Us!! hehe
Edited: Us too 😛

Pre-Wedding video only Rm500 ! from Beehunt Studio on Vimeo.

5 Replies to “Pre-Wedding video only Rm500 !”

  1. ler..korunk rupanya.aku ingatt pengantin manela best….semoga suksesss selalu

  2. hehe..kenal ke?bukan takat kat mosti kenal..kat mmu pun da org aim da moto oren nieh..wanted:P scooter tu da legend da.

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