The Engagement Of Khubayb & Sabrina

The engagement ceremony Sabrina & Khubayb berlangsung dengan lancar pada 27th of Feb yg lepas di R A Fine Arts the Gallery. It was fun and we had a blast that day!Theme untuk engagement Sabrina & Khubayb ni agak artsy fartsy(bak kata Sabrina) since it is done at the gallery.Kebetulan keadaan cuaca sgt baik,masa tu la tanpa melengahkan masa kami terus shoot keadaan awan yg bergerak.And it turns out really well.Apa² pun,thanks to Sabrina’s family yg tak jemu melayan kami.TQVM! 🙂

The Engagement Of Khubayb & Sabrina from Beehunt Studio on Vimeo.

7 Replies to “The Engagement Of Khubayb & Sabrina”

  1. welcome.I would like to ask u regarding the packages for akad/sanding. Could u pls send me the price list and package
    Thank you

  2. great video.. sabrina n khuyab are my friends from uni, turn out u were making video for hafidz as well, my nephew.. i would one video for me too.. will contact u soon.. for me n my razli.. Sabrina & RAzli jugak tau, tp bukan Dr Razli, razli biasa jer… haha

  3. Sabrina,itula i ada baca ur status kat fb,wow same name..same date,tahun je lain kan.okay,thanks sbb call tadi.let me know if u guys dah confirm yeh.tq~

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